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Nossa Morte -- Final Issue in May

Dear Friends,
We're sad to announce that the upcoming May issue of Nossa Morte will be our last.
We recently came to the conclusion that although we absolutely love producing this venue for dark fiction, we just no longer have the time and resources to dedicate to the magazine as we once had.  It's been nearly three years since Nossa Morte first opened its doors to submissions, and in that time we've had the pleasure of reading a boatload of great fiction.  We've published a few dozen of the best of the bunch, and had the chance to interview some of the most amazing writers and editors working in the genre today.  Without a doubt, we couldn't have asked for more during these three years, and it will go down as an experience we will always remember and be proud of.
Most important, we owe all of this to you -- the writers that have supplied us with so many great stories to choose from, and the readers that have supported and encouraged us from the very beginning.  We thank you all.  We hope you've enjoyed the magazine as much as we have enjoyed the process of creating and sharing it.
We wish you all the very best.
Thank you!
Melissa De Kler and Michael De Kler
(Note: all acceptances for the final issue have now been sent out.  If you've yet to receive a response from us for a story submission, you are now free to send it elsewhere.  Thank you again for the opportunity to read them.)

Honorable Mentions

Ellen Datlow has posted the extended list of the 2009 honorable mentions from Best Horror of the Year (Vol 2), and it looks like Nossa Morte snagged a few spots:

"The Last" by Jason S. Ridler (February 2009)

"Brother" by James Owens (February 2009)

"Having Faith" by Christopher Green (February 2009)

"And When She Was Bad" by Nadia Bulkin (February 2009)

"About 77 Degrees, West of Nassau" by Don Norum (May 2009)

As always, many thanks to Ellen for reading through a mountain of fiction every year to compile these lists.  And congrats to the writers!


February 2010 Issue

The latest issue of Nossa Morte has been posted for your reading pleasure.  And as we enter our third year in operation, we've also given the site a brand new design.

This month we feature the following fiction:

“Just Once More, Little Sister” by Anthony J. Rapino
“Gammell” by E. Albert Branstrom
“Fixer” by Jason S. Ridler
“The Number One” by Noah Copley

Also included are a handful of book reviews, including R.I.P. by Harrison Howe, Red Wet Dirt by Nicholas Grabowsky, and Feeding Ground by Sarah Pinborough.



New site design

We're thinking of giving the magazine a fresh new look and a general overhaul as we start off the new year.  If anyone has any suggestions or requests for what they'd like to see (design, site features, navigation, etc.) please feel free to toss them over to us.   Tell us your thoughts in the comments section of this post, or email us.



Submissions update, awards, etc.

We've been making some good progress on the submissions pile lately.  Response times are back down to around 2-3 weeks at most.  If you submitted a story prior to December and haven't heard back from us, please re-submit and we'll respond right away.  (We had a computer meltdown a few weeks ago so it's possible some emails may have been lost.)

We stil have a couple slots open for the February-2010 issue so keep those subs rolling in.

And finally, two former contributers to Nossa Morte have found their way onto some awards nomination ballots:

Christopher Green's story, "Having Faith", appearing in the February-2009 issue of Nossa Morte, is up for Best Horror Short Story in the Aurealis Awards, which recognizes the best Australian writers of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.  Chris has two more stories nominated in other short story categories as well.  No surprise here.  He's an awesome writer.  Check out more details here.

Also, the book trailer for The Lifeless, the latest novel from Lorne Dixon (our interviewee in our November-2009 issue), is up for Best Dark Genre Book Trailer in this year's Black Quill Awards.  Watch the trailer here, then grab a copy of the book.  I hear the book has been doing very well.  Congrats to Lorne on what we know is just the beginning of his success.

And that's all for now!

November 2009 Issue

The latest issue of Nossa Morte (now entering its 3rd year) has been posted.  (Please excuse a couple technical glitches in getting some of the interior pictures to load.  We hope to have it fixed shortly.)

This month features the following fiction:

"Moo" by Abby "Merc" Rustad

"Found Objects" by Brandon H. Bell

"Tesoro's Magic Bullet" by Aaron Polson

"Sand Between a Dead Boy's Toes" by Steven J. Dines

"Down the Rabbit Hole" by Michael Kelly

"Paladin and the Concrete Blond" by Jason S. Ridler

We're also very proud to feature an interview with Lorne Dixon, author of Snarl and The Lifeless.



Honorable Mentions


We’re very happy to announce that 4 stories appearing in various issues of Nossa Morte during 2008 received honorable mentions in the first volume of the Best Horror of the Year.  Congrats to the writers, and thanks for choosing us to print these fine tales.  Thank you, also, to Ellen Datlow for the mentions.
The four stories are:
“Nervous Goats, Huddling in the Dark”, by Michael Kelly (Issue 2, February 2008)
“Ice Might Break”, by Idun Asther (Issue 3, May 2008)
“The Nanny”, by Ian Rogers (Issue 3, May 2008)
“Big Diehl”, by George Seaton (Issue 5, November 2008)
The full list can be found on the Night Shade Books forum.

New issue!

The August issue of Nossa Morte, our eighth installment, is now live. 

This month features the following fiction:

"A Crazy Kind of Love" by Christopher Green

"Check-Out" by Brian G. Ross

"The Cow" by George Seaton

"The Colour of Falling Leaves" by Alison J. Littlewood

A big thank you to our authors for making this another great issue. 



Submissions Update

Just a quick note that the current response time is running at around 5-6 weeks, although we'll be catching up even further in the coming days.  So if anyone is still waiting for a response for a story submitted earlier then late-May, please feel free to drop us a query.

Also, due to some email problems last Friday, we may not have received your submission.  So if you emailed us on July 3rd, please resend it just in case.

And that's all for now.  Stay tuned to the first of August when the latest issue of Nossa Morte is released.  Going on 2 years now, and still loving it!


May 2009 Issue

The latest issue has been posted!  This makes #7 for lil' ole Nossa Morte.  And still going strong!


"In The Shaft" by Scott Ellis

"Ophelia Doe" by Inanna Gabriel

"About 77 Degrees, West of Nassau" by Don Norum

"The Bus Stop Man" by Stephen Owen

Plus, an interview with Ellen Datlow to continue our streak of snagging some awesome people in this business to chat with us.

And once again, some amazingly creepy cover art by Mike Bohatch.






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